build with propane 300 x 200Whether you’re building a new home or upgrading your current one, construction and remodeling projects are opportunities to use propane to save money and live comfortably.

The options are endless. Propane can power your furnace, water heater, oven and range, and clothes dryer.

A propane fireplace can keep you cozy during the winter months and a propane fire pit can keep your outdoor parties going through the fall. During a storm, you won’t have to worry about losing power with the help of a propane generator.

And no matter which appliances you choose, you’ll get the performance you want with the added benefit of lower energy bills.

The best part? You can save even more with available rebates. While you’re at it, enter the Propane Research and Education Council’s giveaway, and you could win a full package of high-performance propane appliances worth $8,000.

Plan your propane-fueled dream home now. Information, videos, and other helpful resources are available at

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