options 300 x 200Why choose Lakes Gas for your residential, commercial, or agricultural propane needs? Because we offer you the flexibility you need, from purchase to delivery.

The choices start when you buy your propane. Trying to save money? Our Budget Pricing Plan makes it easy and lets you pay monthly. Or, pay up-front with our Pre-Buy Program and you won’t have to worry about a recurring cost.

You have plenty of options for delivery, too. Don’t want to keep an eye on your tank? Choose Automatic Delivery and we’ll do it for you. We’ll track your usage and deliver more propane when you’re getting low. Want more control over your deliveries? Choose Will-Call Delivery. You monitor your own usage and call us when your tank is 30% full. We’ll be out to deliver more propane within five business days.

And the options don’t end there. You can also skip a delivery on the Automatic Delivery Plan, or deliver on short notice with an additional fee if you’re running below 30% and need your propane now.

For commercial or agricultural buying programs, contact our Sales Department.

Have questions? Contact us.

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