Propane fleet delivery manYou may have heard how propane autogas fuels school buses, farm vehicles, and more. But did you know it could also fuel your fleet of medium-duty vehicles?

Brands you know like UPS and The Minneapolis Star Tribune depend on propane-fueled vehicles to conserve energy and save money while reducing their carbon footprint.

The Star Tribune had used propane-fueled trucks for delivery for years, but in 2016, bought 18 new gasoline step vans. That resulted in a noticeable increase in fuel costs. So in 2018, they converted 10 of those vans to propane autogas and saved more than $2,600 per month in fuel costs.

UPS tested 20 propane-powered vehicles in Georgia during a three month period and found they lowered maintenance, training and other costs without sacrificing performance.

“Our drivers loved the performance the vehicles give us,” UPS South Atlanta District Area Automotive Manager Kelly Pruitt said. “And our technicians like it because it’s a similar platform to what we had with our other typical vehicles.”

And because of available state and federal incentives, businesses may also be able to save on the up-front cost of switching to propane for their fleet.

Learn more about using propane for your fleet here.

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