Forklift using PropaneWhen most people think of propane, they think of grilling hamburgers and hot dogs on the patio.

While propane is perfect for the barbecue, it has a wide range of residential and commercial uses that may surprise you. Equipment powered by propane produces fewer emissions and less nitrous oxide than machinery running on gas, diesel and electricity. This environmental benefit makes propane an ideal choice for work conducted near facilities such as nursing homes, schools and hospitals.

Lakes Gas offers a look at some of the surprising ways propane can be used in the home and workplace:

  1. Mowers: Propane-powered lawnmowers can help cut fuel and maintenance costs for businesses and homeowners.
  2. Fleet vehicles: More businesses are discovering that using propane autogas offers significant savings compared to other fuels over the long run. Improve your bottom line by considering clean-burning propane autogas.
  3. Clothes dryers: Feature-packed propane dryers are more energy-efficient than electric units, drying clothes quicker and with fewer wrinkles thanks to steam cycles.
  4. Forklifts: Propane forklifts maintain power throughout the day, unlike electric models that wear down throughout the shift. Minimize downtime with quick tank replacements, rather than losing hours to charge the battery. Safe for indoor or outdoor use.
  5. Fireplace: Immediately increase the cozy factor of a room by heating it with a propane fireplace. Easier and cleaner to maintain than the wood-burning variety, propane will also supply six times the heating capacity.
  6. Construction equipment: No matter the job, propane can help contractors get work done. Construction site mainstays like generators, mobile light towers, scissor lifts and boom lifts can all be more cleanly powered by propane.

For more information on how propane can help you cut costs and increase convenience, contact us today.

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