Environmental Benefits 300x200If the environment matters to you, propane should be on your radar as a fuel for vehicles, lawnmowers and home appliances.

The environmental and economic benefits of using propane can no longer be ignored. Consider the following information about how propane is greener than other fuels on the roadway, in the yard and home:


  1. Costs less and has a higher octane rating than gasoline
  2. Propane mowers release up to 60% less carbon monoxide and 26% fewer greenhouse gases than gas-powered models
  3. Improves a vehicle’s engine life compared to gasoline and results in fewer cold-start problems
  4. Propane-powered clothes dryers produce up to 42% fewer greenhouse gases than electric models
  5. Cooking ranges fueled by propane emit up to 15% fewer greenhouse gases compared to electric units
  6. Propane residential tank and tankless water heaters produce up to 57% fewer greenhouse gases compared to electric versions
  7. Offset the carbon emissions from driving your vehicle by using a propane furnace rather than an air-source heat pump

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