vans using propaneAs the song goes, life is a highway, and propane can drive it all night – and day – long.

OK, maybe a few lyrics were changed, but propane autogas is a viable alternative to gasoline and diesel fleets – and has been for years. Although its popularity has been growing in recent years, many people, companies and organizations may still overlook it.

Propane autogas – also known as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) – is a clean-burning fuel that is commonly used in buses, trucks, farm vehicles and cars. Propane vehicles, which can be purchased directly from original equipment manufacturers or created through a conversion process, are either dedicated (only running on propane) or bi-fuel (able to use either propane or gasoline). Propane is currently the world’s third most common fuel for vehicles, behind gasoline and diesel.

Here are some reasons propane autogas makes sense as a transportation fuel:

  • Low cost: Federal rebates may be available, and fleets may see savings of up to 50% over conventional fuels
  • Lower maintenance costs: Low carbon and oil contamination can make engines last longer
  • Rivals other fuels: Comparable to gasoline and diesel in acceleration, power and speed
  • Burns cleaner: No buildup of soot and sludge in propane motors
  • Domestic: About 90% of propane is produced in America
  • Not bothered by cold: Gaseous propane avoids cold-start problems found in other fuels

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