lightning touching the ground during stormSummer is thunderstorm season. Unfortunately, that also means it’s power outage season – not ideal during the hottest days of the year.

Recent outages throughout the nation have served as reminders that we can’t take having power – not to mention air conditioning, refrigeration, or critical medical equipment – for granted. In the dog days of summer, lacking power can be more than inconvenient or uncomfortable – it can be dangerous to our health.

Fortunately, we have options when it comes to protecting our families and keeping our homes and businesses running smoothly in the face of power outages. Now is a perfect time to consider whether backup power provided by propane standby generators could bring you peace of mind in the event of an outage. 

Propane vs. Gasoline Generators

While both types of generators can serve a critical purpose in the event of an outage, there are a few key differences to keep in mind in determining which is right for you, your home or business.

  • Propane fuel doesn’t break down over time. Gasoline can degrade over six months to a year, making it a less reliable fuel source.
  • Propane generators are much quieter than gasoline models, which can violate cities’ noise level restrictions.
  • Propane burns cleaner than gasoline, making it a more friendly choice for the environment, your family and your generator. Propane models release fewer toxins into the environment and fewer carbon deposits on the engine.

Keep Safety Foremost in Mind

In the event of a severe storm or natural disaster, it’s important to practice safety first when you’re dealing with propane. Thunderstorms can potentially damage a system’s tanks or lines, so check for damages and leaks. In the case of flooding, you’ll want to turn off the propane if it’s safe to do so. Simply turn the valve clockwise to turn it off. You can then turn off the supply valves on your appliances.

Contact your propane provider or fire department if it’s unsafe to turn it off on your own.

Need more propane? Contact us.

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