Fry Up A Feast For Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is right around the corner and now is the time to start thinking about how you want to prepare dinner. There are plenty of ways to prepare your turkey: baking, broiling, roasting, grilling, smoking, and one of our personal favorites, frying.

When done right, fried turkeys are moist, tender, delicious and, surprisingly, not greasy. Here are some tips to keep your cooking under control.


Cooking with hot oil comes with risks, so take the proper precautions before you begin. Equip yourself with:

  • Thick oven mitts
  • Goggles
  • Long clothing that covers the body
  • A multipurpose fire extinguisher


Your outdoor deep fryer should be set up away from your house, garage, trees and other flammable structures. Do not leave the fryer unattended, and always keep children and pets clear of the burner and pot.

Before you start cooking:

  • Place the turkey in the pot and pour water until the turkey is submerged with an additional two inches of water on top. Remove the turkey and mark where the waterline is to determine the amount of oil you’ll need.
  • Peanut oil and is considered the best type of oil to use in fryers.
  • Blot your turkey dry with paper towels and make sure it’s free of ice and moisture inside and out before placing it in the fryer.


  • Heat the oil to 375° Fahrenheit and lower in the turkey slowly to avoid splashes or overflow
  • Remove the turkey with a poultry rack once the internal temperature in the thickest part of the breast has reached 165° Fahrenheit
  • Let it cool for 20 minutes before carving


Never pour oil or grease down the drain, leave the pot outside to cool in a safe spot overnight. If filtered and stored properly, the oil can be reused. Some restaurants will recycle your used oil and there are other companies that offer disposal services.

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