Propane Bus in snowWhether you're a parent, teacher, bus driver, or administrator, the children of your school district are the top priority. Everyone wants what’s best for their kids – and that includes the healthiest mode of transportation.

Buses that use propane Autogas are cleaner, quieter, and safer options compared to clean diesel buses. Diesel buses pose health and environmental risks, so why not invest in a higher quality alternative?

A Safe Ride For Everyone

Roughly 40 districts in Minnesota are using propane school buses, and the benefits are more significant than you think.

Propane-fueled buses offer:

  • Cleaner breathing environments for students and bus drivers on their daily trips
  • Reduced nitrogen oxide emissions that could irritate respiratory conditions like asthma and allergies
  • An odorless, colorless fuel alternative to clean diesel

Providing students access to outdoor environments is proven to support physical and mental health, and propane buses reduce exposure to harmful emissions. Diesel emissions are also directly linked to lower test scores, so switching to propane will benefit students’ learning abilities.

Protect Your Fleet

Investing in propane buses is exceptionally beneficial to your fleet because the fuel system requires less maintenance than clean diesel buses. Compare the fuel systems against each other, and you'll see the advantage is clear.

Clean diesel engines:

  • Degrade over time
  • Require frequent maintenance to stay efficient
  • Often become non-compliant with emission standards

Propane fuel engines:

  • Have durable carbon steel fuel tanks that withstand degradation
  • Don’t require extra filters or fuels for efficiency
  • Run clean and are easier on bus engines

The new technology in propane engines is also safer with automatic devices and shut-off valves that start-up if there is a rupture in a fuel line. Propane is also more reliable since its ignition temperature is nearly twice as high as gasoline.

Keep Costs Down

School districts are always looking for ways to stretch their budgets, and propane buses are a cost-effective way to get more out of an investment. Propane fuel is also easily accessible for school districts, including rural areas.

Clean diesel engines can often come with hidden costs, including sophisticated technology that requires frequent maintenance that will burden your long-term budget. Propane providers install bus systems at little to no cost, and districts can recoup the price of a propane engine in 3-8 years.

By the numbers, propane engines:

  • Are 93% more cost-effective than clean diesel engines
  • Cost $0.19 per mile compared to diesel engines at $0.80 per mile
  • Cost 30-50% less to operate

Don’t Forget The Environment

If a district is considering investing in a propane fuel system, another vital factor to consider is the environment.

Minnesota recently received $47 million from the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust, half of which will go toward reducing emissions over the next four years. Propane produces 96% fewer emissions and vaporizes if it leaks, reducing the risk of ground and surface water contamination.

With propane buses, your district can effectively protect its children and the environment from harmful emissions while maintaining their bottom line.

Contact Lakes Gas to learn more about propane Autogas.

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