Forklift 300x200There are plenty of power options for forklifts, but only propane forklifts can give you continuous, clean power that will save your bottom line.

Propane vs. Gas and Diesel

Propane beats gas and diesel forklifts in initial and long-term costs. Forklifts powered by propane last twice as long as gas and diesel engines.

Propane also provides the following advantages:

Lower emissions: Propane has lower emissions in sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, and greenhouse gas emissions than gas or diesel forklifts.

Cost efficiency: Off-highway diesel engines are required to meet strict Tier 4 Engine standards, which can rack up the price on an initial purchase and long-term maintenance. Propane delivery makes refueling cheaper since you get job site service.

Indoor operation: Since propane is a cleaner-burning fuel than diesel, it is also safe to use in a well-ventilated indoor environment. You’ll get more bang for your buck with a forklift that’s suited to indoor and outdoor use.

Horsepower: Propane forklifts have a high-octane rating of 104-112, which outperforms gasoline at 87-92.

Propane vs. Electricity

It may seem like electricity is the most cost-efficient and environmentally friendly option for forklifts. But consider the logistics:

  • You’ll need to purchase and install a recharging station on top of your initial acquisition.
  • Electric forklifts require regular downtime to recharge, which also racks up your utility bill.
  • Manufacturing electric batteries increase site-to-source emissions that negate the benefits of an electric forklift.
  • Over time electric batteries lose power and need to be replaced.

Propane forklifts can offer up to 8 hours of continuous use. Sealed fuel cylinders improve safe operation and often come with an automatic shutoff system in case of an emergency. Industrial propane is an easily accessible power source, so you don’t have to waste time refueling or recharging.

Propane cylinders and storage cages can last up to 30 years, so you only need to worry about your initial acquisition and the cost of fuel.

Lakes Gas is a premier provider for residential and commercial propane. We guarantee accessible service and knowledgeable technicians that will get you your fuel when you need it. Contact us to set up your service.

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