Sewing Masks at HomeAt Lakes Gas, we support and encourage giving back to our communities, and two of our team members are doing just that during this global epidemic. Lisa Thompson and Janice Brownlow are creating reusable cloth masks for local hospital staff and their coworkers at Lakes Gas.

Lisa was inspired to start sewing masks after her son explained the urgent need for personal protective equipment at the hospital where he works. Furthermore, Lisa and her husband are at a higher risk for contracting the virus and believed that if they needed protection, other people would too.

Lisa has made 350 masks thus far and is currently working on producing 200 more, though elastic is hard to find. Her masks come in different patterns that are inclusive for medical and maintenance staff at the hospital and Lakes Gas.

The masks are 100% cotton and contain sections of blue shop towels that work as air filters. They also come with a bendable nose strip to fit snuggly to the face.

Here are a few safe mask practices:

  • Fit your mask to your face before you wear it out in public to ensure a secure fit.
  • Write your name on your mask so as not to mix it up with others.
  • Wash your mask with soap and water after each use. Hydrogen peroxide can also get mixed in as it is safe on most fabrics.
  • If the elastic is too long, knot it behind your head. If the elastics irritate your skin or ears, exchange them for cloth ties.

Lakes Gas is committed to the health and safety of our clients, employees, and their families. Learn more about our updated propane service or contact us for more information.

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