Phone Line Down 300x200You need power to get your day started. Turning on the lights, starting your computer, even brewing coffee. But summer storms can throw a wrench in your daily routine when they knock out your power. Not to mention frequent power outages can damage to your electronics, including:


  • Loss of computer data
  • Damage to electrical lines/wires
  • Circuitry and insulation damage

A propane-powered backup generator can easily cover your power supply needs, so you never have to worry about going without electricity.

Benefits Of Propane Generators

Depending on where you live, your summers can be hot and humid, so going without air conditioning isn’t fun. Backup generators are available in a variety of capacities and can power a home on its own for several days. And most backup generators are roughly the size of an outdoor A/C unit.

Propane generators provide:

  • Quiet power supply
  • Fewer emissions
  • Stable, readily available power sources
  • Longevity, since propane does not break down over time like gas and diesel

Backup propane generators will power water heaters, furnaces, appliances, refrigerators and more. Backup generators must be installed by a professional to determine the appropriate load capacity.

Contact Lakes Gas for service inquires and information or find a location near you.

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