Lawn mower 300x200Propane has significant per-gallon fuel savings compared to gasoline-powered mowers and landscaping equipment. Since you’re not spending your budget at the pump, you can redistribute your savings to your customers – giving you a leg up on the competition. Here are some other ways propane mowers can boost your business.

Eco-friendly: Propane releases up to 60% less carbon monoxide and 26% fewer greenhouse gases than gas-powered commercial mowers. Because of the closed-loop fuel system, you also won’t have to worry about costly and dangerous fuel leaks and turf damage.

Cost-effective: You can save 30-50% on fuel when you switch from gas to propane mowers. You’ll also cut your labor costs since your staff won’t have to run back and forth to the pump.

Saves time: Propane mowers are easily refueled, and tanks can be switched on-site. A propane tank will get about an hour and a half of mowing done. And because your staff isn’t running to the gas station, your operation becomes more efficient.

Equipment availability: Readily available propane mowers, light- and medium-duty vehicles, generators, and storage sites mean you can get the job done on all your commercial landscaping and golf course sites with ease.

Contact Lakes Gas to learn more about our commercial services or request a delivery.

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