Modern busses parked in a lineCommercial and school fleets across the United States have switched to propane AutoGas to protect their passengers, staff, and their bottom line.

Light And Medium-Duty Fleets

Propane provides businesses and organizations a lower cost of ownership than other fuel options. It’s a reliable fuel source that is readily available across the country and can cut down the cost of maintenance and repairs. 

Fleets have saved thousands of dollars by making the switch to propane. Its quick, and easy fueling infrastructure allows operators to refuel and go quickly. Private and public distribution centers are accessible, or you can install an on-site storage facility.

Light-duty vehicles that use propane include:

  • Taxi services
  • Police cruisers
  • Construction fleets

Medium-duty vehicles include:

  • Food and beverage delivery
  • Transit
  • Paratransit

Propane also works with bi-fuel systems so your fleet can travel farther on less fuel. You’ll increase your mileage without having to worry about driving over your tank limit.

Propane And School Transit

Propane is a safer fueling option for school transportation because it emits fewer greenhouse gases, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter. Students and staff with respiratory or other health conditions won’t have to worry about inhaling exhaust from a diesel bus. The fewer emissions also help schools and businesses meet even the strictest emission standards.

Propane engines run cleaner than diesel and do not require additives to keep fuel running in cold weather. Cutting out extra fuel costs means reallocating funds toward school supplies, extracurricular programs, and teacher salaries.

Schools do not have to modify their garage or repair facilities to accommodate for propane transit. And many diesel bus models are convertible to propane fueling systems. Your investment in propane buses will maintain your commitment to community stewardship.

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