frosted grass in early morningAs summer begins to fade into fall, now is a great time to switch from your old propane provider. As you prepare for the colder half of the year, consider switching your propane service to Lakes Gas.

Supply And Demand

Demand for propane is highest in the winter when people are heating their homes, and during the peak of summer, when people need to power their grills, firepits, and spas. The transition from summer to fall is a buffer season when demand is lower.

That means prices are lower, and there is a more readily available supply of propane. Now is the time to refill your tank or switch providers to prepare for the months ahead.


This time of year is ideal for switching propane providers or installing a new tank. You’ll have enough time before the bad weather starts, and early fall boasts more predictable weather with fewer fluctuations. You won’t have to worry about surprise cold snaps and cranking the heat.


Delivery is typically quicker this time of year because there is less demand for propane. Think ahead and beat the early winter rush for propane before the colder weather arrives.

At Lakes Gas, our delivery options are always readily available to meet our customers’ needs. However, it’s easier to plan and be prepared than running the risk of running low of propane and power.

Lakes Gas Makes A Difference

We’ve excelled at providing prompt, dependable service across Minnesota, Wisconsin, and beyond for more than 60 years. Being locally owned and operated and part of the community is a big deal for us. We want to ensure every customer is prepped for severe weather at any time of year.

Get your propane service started so you can enjoy reliable energy and save money all year round. Contact Lakes Gas for residential and commercial service.

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