Cows in the MeadowFall will soon be in the air. Let propane power your ag operations with efficiency so you can focus on reaping a good harvest. Here are a few ways propane can help move your farm forward.

Propane And Crops

The Midwest is known for its abundance of corn and soybeans, so talk with your propane supplier about fall delivery. Current propane crop dryers operate roughly 50% more efficiently than older models, and that can save you time and money.

Crop dryers allow for:

  • Earlier harvest
  • Preparation for long-term storage
  • Protection from disease and bad weather

Propane-Powered Irrigation

Like crop dryers, newer propane irrigation systems use 30% less energy than older models. Propane engines are cheaper than diesel models and can help you manage a particularly dry planting or harvest season.

Provide Propane For Livestock

Propane is a cleaner-burning fuel source than diesel, so you won’t have to worry about exposing your livestock to harmful emissions. Use propane for heating buildings, particularly brood pens, to protect your livestock from colder weather.

If your operations are in a remote location, having your propane storage facility can come in handy as you transition between seasons.

Heat Your Workspaces

Owning your business means putting in long hours, so you’ll need heat for your offices and outbuildings. Check in with your propane provider and ask about early buying programs to set yourself up before demand increases.

Propane is about 40 cents cheaper than it was this time of year in 2019, so take advantage of buying at a low price as harvest season begins to peak.

Contact Lakes Gas to learn more about our commercial buying programs.

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