Is your property left unoccupied or unattended during the heating season? Whether you leave for a weekend or for the entire winter, we want to inform you of the need to protect your property from the potential risk of winter damage related to frozen water in the pipes, toilets, sinks, water heaters, etc. This may happen in the event of a malfunctioning furnace or an interruption in the electrical or gas supply. If your dwelling has not been winterized and the water remains turned on, you could sustain substantial damage and require costly repairs.

We recommend that you take the following precautions to help ensure this doesn’t happen to your dwelling:

  • Install a low temperature warning device to warn you if the temperature level in your dwelling drops to a dangerous level.
  • Obtain the services of a caretaker to check on your dwelling regularly for the structural integrity, monitor the building temperature and provide safe driveway access for deliveries, etc.

We want you to be aware of the problems surrounding gas usage associated with seasonal occupancy or intermittent gas usage. Only you can best determine when your building will need gas deliveries. If your delivery type is WILL CALL that means you must initiate the delivery order and we recommend the suggestions mentioned above. If your delivery type is AUTOMATIC DELIVERY, we require your dwelling to have the above-mentioned precautionary systems in place to protect your property. For either type of service during the heating season, it is your responsibility to notify us if your tank percentage has fallen to 30%. You may want to check with your insurance carrier to see if installation of a low temp warning system would quality for a premium reduction.

Out of Gas – If we are informed or discover an out of gas tank, we will deliver to the customer tank, if accessible, under the following circumstances:

  1. Building access is GAINED – We will do a leak test on the gas system and perform appliance startup procedures.
  2. Building access is NOT GAINED – We will shut the propane tank gas service valve off stopping the flow of gas and you will need to have a gas system leak test done by a qualified person before appliance start up.

If we find an unsafe gas system, we may not be able to deliver gas into the tank. In such cases, we will attempt to contact you using the contact information you have provided.

We want every customer’s property, whether it’s your primary residence, cabin, business, or second home, to remain structurally sound and ready to use as you intended it. While following the precautions above may not prevent all potential problems from occurring, they may help minimize the risks associated with unoccupied dwellings. Lakes Gas Go. will not be responsible for damages that may occur due to gas run out.

Please contact your local Lakes Gas office with the best telephone number and email address for you and/or your caretaker in case of an emergency, such as a NO DELIVERY situation due to restricted driveway access.

To Close Gas Supply Valves

To locate the shut off valve; follow the gas line from the ground to the regulator under the hood, then to the valve handle. Turn it clockwise to shut off.

When your Gauge Reads 30% Call Us for a Delivery

Letting your propane tank run empty can be dangerous and expensive. Your gauge is located under the hood of your propane tank. When the gauge reads 30% call Lakes Gas to order your delivery. If you’re unable to locate or read the gauge, ask your Lakes Gas Representative for help. Please be aware that the gauge is a mechanical device and can be susceptible to sticking. When checking the gauge, it is a good practice to tap the side of the gauge to see if there is any movement in the needle. If you observe the same reading on the gauge over a period of time when you should be using gas, contact your Lakes Gas office to have it checked as soon as possible. If the gauge isn’t moving, you could be in danger of running out of gas.

Low Temperature Monitoring Systems

There are many different types of low temperature monitoring systems available for structures that are occupied on a full time, seasonal, or intermittent basis. These warning systems let you know when the temperature in your structure has fallen below the selected temperature. This allows the property owner to take action before any damage occurs to your home, vacation home, office, or any building.

These are available at most home improvement or building supply stores, or by searching “low temperature monitors” online. You can also visit your local Lakes Gas office to pick up information.

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