Ways Propane Autogas Benefits Commercial Operations

Written on: June 5, 2023

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propane autogas minnesota Autogas refers to propane which is used as an alternative fuel source in vehicles. It has gained popularity worldwide as a viable option for those wishing to move away from gasoline and diesel.

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Autogas 101

As of 2022, the number of vehicles running on propane autogas worldwide has increased significantly, reaching 27 million. Propane autogas has been adopted in various sectors, including school buses, taxis, delivery trucks, and construction equipment. Furthermore, there are numerous fueling stations available in all states of America, ensuring easy access to this environmentally friendly fuel.

According to the Alternative Fuels Data Center, propane is the preferred fuel for almost two-thirds of all alternative fuel vehicles in the country, making it the third most popular fuel after gasoline and diesel. As a result, there have been significant advancements in vehicles powered by propane autogas due to its popularity.

Fueling your fleet with propane autogas isn’t hard. In fact, it’s almost exactly the same method as filling up your vehicle with gasoline or diesel!

What benefits does propane autogas offer?

Propane autogas offers several advantages for your business, municipality, farm, or school district. The following are a few examples.

Fuel costs. Autogas is a cost-effective option that can save you around 30 to 40% per mile traveled on average. Usually, it costs approximately 30% less than gasoline. However, due to the recent fuel price surge, propane is now significantly cheaper than diesel as well.

Another way autogas is better for your bottom line is that fueling is done on-site, rather than your workers losing time trying to find a filling station. Fuel theft and fueling credit card abuse are also virtually eliminated.

Avoiding hassles and costs of diesel engines. Compared to propane autogas, diesel technology can be expensive because of the expenses required to buy, manage, and switch diesel emissions fluid. Moreover, in very cold weather, anti-gel fluids are indispensable in diesel engines to prevent gelling that leads to clogging of fuel filters or lines. In the Upper Midwest, where temperature drops drastically, gelling is a significant issue. However, with propane autogas, all these concerns are eliminated.

Cost of ownership. Diesel vehicles must have a diesel particulate filter installed to meet emission standards. It requires regular cleaning, and when the vehicle idles excessively, it needs more frequent maintenance. This increases the overall cost of ownership. Autogas engines, however, do not emit anything and require less maintenance. They tend to last longer than diesel or gasoline vehicles.

Environmental friendliness. The environment here in Minnesota and Wisconsin is something we all cherish. We swim, boat, and fish in the lakes. We camp and hunt in the woods. We live among amazing wildlife and natural beauty.

By using propane autogas, your fleet can significantly reduce its carbon footprint because it generates no greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, your fleet’s carbon emissions could decrease by up to 60%! You’ll be helping make the air we breathe better.

Another benefit that autogas has over gasoline and diesel is that, in the rare event of a leak, you don’t need to stop work or deal with environmental clean-up because propane does not harm air, soil, water, plant life, or aquatic life.

The significant decrease in emissions is also better for drivers as they won’t be breathing in gasoline or diesel exhaust fumes.

Security. As has been made clear since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022, global markets and factors such as geopolitical conflicts and natural disasters heavily influence gasoline and diesel pricing, even though crude oil is extracted across the world.

The United States produces over 90% of the world’s propane autogas supply, which means that international events such as wars, sanctions, and natural disasters will not affect autogas prices as much as gasoline or diesel prices. By choosing to use autogas, you are supporting America’s efforts to become more energy independent.

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