What Vehicles Can Run on Propane Autogas?

Written on: December 19, 2022

Discover the benefits autogas offers!

propane vehicles wisconsin There is a push to use alternative fuel sources in the vehicles we use for work and in our personal lives.

While electric vehicles get a lot of attention, there is another alternative fuel that offers many advantages along with being environmentally friendly. That fuel is propane autogas!

Lakes Gas offers a full range of propane autogas services for businesses in our service area of Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and South Dakota. We’ll go over your business’s needs when it comes to autogas and come up with a customized plan.

We install propane autogas filling stations that are as easy to use as a regular gasoline or diesel filling station. Your autogas delivery schedule is tailored to your usage needs and is flexible, so you can adjust it.

The benefits of using propane autogas

Energy security and independence. Geopolitical problems and natural disasters often lead to big changes in gasoline and diesel pricing, even though oil is extracted from different parts of the world. For example, we’ve all seen how fuel prices have changed this year due to global market influences.

By using autogas, not only are you supporting American jobs and industry, but you’re also insulating yourself against potential price shocks due to international events. Over 90% of the world’s propane autogas is produced in the United States, meaning that wars, sanctions, or natural disasters overseas won’t have the same effect on pricing as they do for gasoline or diesel.

Environmental friendliness. Propane autogas doesn’t produce greenhouse gas emissions, which means you have the potential to lessen your fleet’s carbon footprint by 60%.

Safety. Not only does autogas cut emissions and therefore improve air quality, but it is also healthier for your drivers as they will not be breathing in exhaust fumes. Autogas is also a safer choice for the environment compared to gasoline or diesel because propane does not harm air, water, soil, plant life etc. in the rare event of a leak.

Financial benefits. On average, autogas is 30% cheaper than gasoline; and despite the current instability of fuel prices, the difference between autogas and gasoline has remained consistent. In addition, vehicles that run on autogas cost $1.50 less per hour to operate than those powered by gasoline.

Not only will you see the benefits of using autogas in your fleet vehicles, but they will also last longer. This is because autogas doesn’t damage engines or parts as much compared to other fuels, therefore saving you money on maintenance and repairs. In addition, this means that your vehicles will have a longer lifespan!

Because your fleet vehicles are filled onsite, your drivers are more efficient as they don’t have to stop work to find a filling station. Your fuel supply is easier to monitor and manage, and fuel theft is virtually eliminated.

If you use autogas, not only are you being eco-friendly, but you’re also gaining an edge over your competitors with customers who value that.

Are you ready to find out how propane autogas can benefit your business? Get in touch with Lakes Gas today to set up a meeting with our commercial propane experts!