Propane Delivery Options: Choose What Works for You

Written on: October 18, 2021

Hassle-Free Propane Delivery, Your Way

propane account options wisconsinWhen it comes to propane delivery in the Upper Midwest, there are several options to choose from. Based on your current needs and priorities, you can select automatic delivery, will-call delivery, or short-notice order delivery. If your situation changes, you can always update your plan, too. Our goal is to make your propane delivery as easy and hassle-free as possible, so we’re always here to help you figure out what might work best for you.

Automatic Propane Delivery

Our automatic delivery option is perfect for the customer who doesn’t enjoy monitoring their tank and propane usage. Hey, we think it’s fun, but we understand it’s not everyone’s idea of a good time.

With our FREE automatic delivery service, you won’t have to keep an eye on your tank—you can leave that to us. We keep up with your propane consumption by looking at the demand for energy to heat your home each day, taking into account the average of the days’ high and low temperatures. This way, we can anticipate when your propane will need a refill.

Once our system sees that you’re running low, we’ll schedule a delivery. It’s easy and there’s no work for you! Best of all, the chance of a propane run-out becomes virtually nonexistent when you have automatic delivery, and that’s great news for our customers anticipating a classic, Upper Midwestern winter.

Skipping an Automatic Delivery

As awesome as automatic delivery is, we understand that you may need to skip a delivery sometimes, like if you’re on vacation, or you haven’t been using as much propane as usual. That’s no problem at all – just give us a call to let us know that we shouldn’t deliver next time around, and we’ll figure out when you’d like your next delivery to take place.

Will-Call Propane Delivery

Will-call delivery means that you “will call” us when you’re ready to schedule a delivery. We’ll be there within a five-day window. This option works well for customers whose propane usage varies a great deal, for whatever reason, though it requires you to watch your tank closely. When the gauge reads 30%, give us a call so that we can get you on the schedule. We recommend customers not let their tank get less than 30% full, to avoid potential runouts before their delivery arrives.

Short-Notice Orders

Of course, sometimes customers do need a delivery to take place in fewer than five days, and we can make that happen. Additional delivery charges may apply to short-notice, after-hours or weekend deliveries. The best way to avoid the need for a rush delivery is to avoid runouts by taking advantage of our automatic delivery service. It’s the best way to help us, help you.

Turn to Lakes Gas for propane delivery – We’ve got you covered

Lakes Gas offers propane delivery without the worry and without the hassle. Whether you want us to manage your propane deliveries and keep an eye on your tank – for free! – or you need will-call or short-notice delivery, we are here for you. Lakes Gas offers a range of propane payment programs too, so customers in Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and South Dakota can decide what works best for them.