Propane Energy Benefits for Your Home

Written on: September 13, 2021

An Eco-Friendly Source of Energy

propane clean fuel minnesotaWe care about our customers, and the environment we all share. That’s why we strive make a difference by offering eco-friendly propane that saves you energy, and keeps costs low. Lakes Gas has 48 fully-staffed locations in the Upper Midwest, offering a robust, professional propane operation with a personal, small-town feel. Our experienced technicians will work with you every step of the way to figure out an energy solution that is both eco-friendly and wallet-friendly. Read on to learn more about some lesser-known propane energy benefits.

Propane Is a Clean, “Green” Fuel

Propane gas is a good choice for customers who prioritize environmental responsibility, since it is clean and produces minimal emissions, according to the Propane Education & Research Council. Propane also doesn’t harm soil or groundwater – an important factor when it comes to determining whether a fuel is “green.”

Doing Your Part To Reduce Greenhouse Gasses

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) gave propane its stamp of approval as a clean-burning alternative fuel because propane is low in carbon, and does not emit greenhouse gasses that contribute to a home or business’s carbon footprint.

Propane Is an Efficient Fuel That Offers More Energy for a Lower Cost

Fuel efficiency is a major principle for eco-friendly energy sources. Higher efficiency reduces the level of harmful emissions. Propane is one of the most efficient fuels available, with many propane appliances achieving 95% efficiency – and sometimes even more! Propane is capable of producing large power outputs without using much energy, comparatively. In other words, propane can offer more bang for your buck, all while protecting the environment. It’s a win-win for customers who care about being environmentally-conscious, but also need to keep costs budget-friendly.

Family-Owned, Community-Supporting Lakes Gas Is Equipped To Meet All Your Propane Needs

Community-focused and family-owned for over 60 years, needs. Reach out to learn more about the benefits of propane for your home or business. We offer competitive prices for our propane services throughout Michigan, Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest, and would love to share more about how propane can benefit you while also making a difference for the environment.