Benefits of Propane in New Construction

Written on: June 12, 2023

Put Lakes Gas to work for your construction business’ success!

propane for builders wisconsin It’s been a wild ride in residential construction in recent years. From the pandemic to supply chain problems to the roller coasters of interest rates and inflation, your Upper Midwest construction business has had to face a lot of challenges.

With the real estate market continuing to evolve, you need to find a competitive edge. You can, with propane services for builders from Lakes Gas!

We provide bulk propane delivery, temporary construction heating services, propane tanks, and propane forklift cylinder exchange services.

How propane can help construction projects

With Lakes Gas, you get knowledge, experience, and insights unmatched by any other local propane company. Our construction customers can be assured of a reliable propane supply thanks to our outstanding relationships with suppliers, large storage capacities, and a large, well-maintained fleet of propane delivery trucks.

Our services cover all aspects of your project. We offer bulk propane delivery that can power on-site generators and temporary heating equipment. No matter what the weather, temporary heating helps to protect materials such as stucco, plaster, and paint as well as keep projects going as workers can get the job done in safety and comfort.

We can assist you in obtaining incentives from the Propane Education Research Council (PERC). You have the opportunity to receive up to $1,500 for each residence you build that incorporates propane and propane appliances.

Bring in home buyers with propane!

To stay competitive in the real estate market, it’s important to provide what consumers want. But don’t forget to keep your costs in mind. One way to achieve this is by constructing homes that use propane and propane appliances. This allows you to stand out to potential homebuyers while also keeping expenses low.

Current homebuyers prefer gas appliances because they offer various benefits. Gas appliances provide energy-efficient home and water heating, easy-to-start gas fireplaces, and precise temperature control that is immediate with gas ranges and cooktops.

If you’re working on a development project in a community that lacks nearby natural gas infrastructure, installing gas lines to your development will probably be too expensive. Additionally, it can be challenging for potential homebuyers to select their preferred gas provider.

Even if your construction project is located near natural gas lines, installing propane tanks for the residence or residences is quicker, easier, and more cost-effective than dealing with a natural gas utility’s red tape. Lakes Gas can help with propane tank installation as well as affordable propane tank leasing for buyers. 

Using propane as an upselling tool is great because it enables you to offer extra high-quality features buyers may be more willing to spend on. If homebuyers are looking for more convenience and energy efficiency, they may consider getting a propane tankless water heater instead of a traditional storage water heater. In addition, they may be interested in extra amenities like propane pool and spa heaters. Some sellers may offer additional services, such as installing propane grills, outdoor lighting, fire pits that are connected to the home’s propane or natural gas supply, to improve the buyer’s outdoor living space.

Lakes Gas is a trusted partner for residential construction. Contact us today for a consultation!