Propane for Your Food Truck

Written on: May 2, 2022

You fill their bellies; We can fill your truck!

propane services wisconsinWho doesn’t love food trucks?! They are all the rage for a reason – food trucks are awesome. From sweet and savory waffles and funnel cakes to BBQ, tacos, cupcakes, vegan food, and everything in between – the sky’s the limit! Part of what makes food trucks so fun is their knack for pairing mobility and convenience, without compromising quality. That’s why propane is a perfect match for food trucks; they’re made for each other!

Read on to learn more about what propane can do for your food truck business and how we can help with filling your truck’s propane supply, so you can focus on the part of your service everyone loves the most – the delicious food, of course!

Commercial propane services, on the go!

From hospitality to food services to transportation and beyond, Lakes Gas offers reliable propane delivery and services throughout Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota.

Your food truck business may be on wheels, but it encompasses all these business needs and requires just as much care and attention to detail as a brick-and-mortar restaurant. That’s just one reason why we will meet your propane needs and go above and beyond your expectations on the customer-service front. We want to make sure you have the most efficient propane system possible, and we can make recommendations to keep your food truck business on track for success.

Propane tanks and cylinders to fit your food truck needs

We deliver the highest grade of HD5 propane and have tanks and cylinders to satisfy all of your propane requirements. Contact us whenever you need something, so we can assist your business operation right away and ensure that you do not experience any interruptions.

Food trucks primarily use propane cylinders and portable tanks for gas cooking, but your commercial operations can also use the propane for:

Lakes Gas offers a variety of food truck propane options

Propane tanks are a convenient and cost-effective way to power the stoves and equipment that will help you deliver your culinary creations to the public. Our team of propane experts can help you with:

We are here for you and your food truck business. Contact us today to become a customer or to learn more about how commercial propane from Lakes Gas can benefit your food truck business.