Fuel Efficiency Tips for Propane Forklifts

Written on: January 8, 2024

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forklifts minnesota Forklifts are essential equipment for a wide range of businesses here in the Upper Midwest, including:

Whatever you use forklifts for, propane is the best fuel option for your forklifts. It has more power than electric forklifts and can be used both indoors and outside, unlike gasoline forklifts.

Lakes Gas provides expert forklift propane cylinder exchange services customized to the needs of your business. Our many years of experience has provided us with the insights to help you make the most of your propane forklifts, so we have assembled so tips to help you maximize their efficiency.

Train workers in efficient forklift operation

Safe and efficient forklift practices are interconnected. When employees possess a thorough understanding of responsible propane forklift operation, they can maximize fuel efficiency. It is crucial to ensure that workers do not leave forklifts running when not in use, and that they avoid excessive acceleration. By adhering to these practices, a safe work environment can be maintained while minimizing propane consumption.

Put refueling at the center of your forklift usage

Analyze the areas with the highest traffic for your forklifts and strategically position cylinder cages and vehicle parking nearby. This will minimize the number of extended trips required, enhancing efficiency and reducing unnecessary usage.

It is crucial to consider refueling when planning routes. Typically, a single propane forklift cylinder can provide power to a vehicle for approximately eight hours. To ensure smooth operations, please collaborate with your staff to ensure that forklifts return to the cylinder cages as their fuel levels diminish.
Your employees are a priceless asset in this optimization process. They possess the most valuable insights into areas where unnecessary driving occurs.

Keep your forklifts properly maintained

Maintaining your fleet properly can significantly reduce fuel consumption while accomplishing the necessary tasks at your workplace. Make sure to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule to ensure optimal performance of your forklift engine. Additionally, regularly inspect and clean your vehicle’s air filters and monitor oil levels. Don’t forget to check tire pressure monthly and inflate as needed. Operating a forklift with underinflated tires will result in increased workload and higher propane consumption.

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