Can Propane Be Used to Run Forklifts?

Written on: November 7, 2022

Lakes Gas offers customized propane forklift services!

gas forklifts wisconsin Many Upper Midwest businesses have begun using propane-powered forklifts in recent years because they offer advantages that other types of forklifts don’t.

At Lakes Gas, we go above and beyond to ensure that your business or farm is getting the most out of your propane forklifts. Our locally based company offers responsive, personalized forklift propane service.

The commercial propane experts at your local Lakes Gas office will assess your business and discuss how propane forklifts are used. With that information, we’ll formulate a personalized cylinder exchange plan for you and provide thorough safety training in the safe handling of propane cylinders.

What makes propane forklifts superior to electric or gasoline forklifts?

Power. Propane forklifts outperform electric ones as they can carry heavier loads and work better on inclines, all while running on full power as long as there is propane in the cylinder. Electric forklifts, on the other hand, lose power as their batteries are drained.

Cost-effectiveness. An electric forklift might need up to eight hours to recharge, meaning that if the battery dies during a shift, your crew is now one forklift short. You’ll also need sufficient space and cash flow for electric forklift charging stations. Propane forklifts have the longest running times between refuels of any fuel. It only takes a few minutes to refuel a propane forklift: Simply exchange the empty forklift cylinder for a full one!

Safety. Propane forklifts are versatile enough to be used both indoors and out, as long as the necessary safety guidelines are followed.

Versatility. If you need a forklift that can be used both indoors and outdoors, propane is the way to go. Gasoline-powered forklifts are not permitted for indoor use, and electric forklifts are inefficient and ineffective in certain situations outdoors. But propane forklifts can do it all!

Environmental friendliness. Propane-powered forklifts not only produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline-fueled forklifts, but if there is a propane leak, there is no environmental damage. Although electric forklifts don’t produce emissions, they aren’t as environmentally friendly as propane ones. The majority of the nation’s electricity is generated by coal-fired power plants, which creates a large carbon footprint.

What kind of businesses use propane forklifts?

The advantages propane forklifts have makes them ideal for a wide range of Upper Midwest businesses. Here are some of them.

Manufacturing. Propane forklifts are an essential part of our local manufacturing plants. They have many advantages over gasoline-powered and electric models, including the fact that they don’t produce harmful emissions. This means they can be used indoors as well as outside, and they’re more efficient than electric models since they don’t need to be sidelined for recharging.

Farms. Propane forklifts are a crucial asset to have on any farm! They can speedily and effectively transport bags of seeds, flats of plants, sod, bales of hay, and more around the property.

Warehouses and distribution centers. Because one-day shipping has become the norm, orders need to be moved quickly. Thanks to almost zero downtime for refueling, as well as indoor/outdoor use, propane forklifts are ideal.

Construction. Moving heavy materials like bags of concrete, pallets of flooring, and other items is made easier with propane forklifts. With their powerful engines and ability to navigate rough terrain, these forklifts can make your job much easier.

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