Seven Ways Propane Can Help You on Your Farm

Written on: September 22, 2021

Propane energy benefits for farmers

propane farm equipment wisconsinFarmers have complex jobs, and utilizing improved technologies and efficient fuels can help streamline operations and lower costs. Read on to learn more about how propane saves you energy, and keeps costs low on your Upper Midwest farm.

Propane is very versatile and has many uses on the farm. Whether you are growing crops or raising livestock, propane can work for you in many ways:

1. Poultry and livestock heaters.

With winter approaching, it is important to keep your animals cozy during frigid temperatures. Propane heaters in your buildings can keep livestock warm and healthy.

2. Drying your grains and other crops.

No matter what type of crop you are growing that may need to be dried, propane can be a cost-effective solution. Because propane is efficient, it can reduce the amount of commodity waste during the drying process.

3. Water heaters and cooking stoves.

A propane water heater has a number of uses on the farm. Dairy farms use heated water for equipment disinfection, for instance. Homes and other buildings on the property that are used for showering, cooking, etc. can also benefit from propane water heaters, cooking stoves or grills.

4. Flame weed and insect control.

Using safely-controlled torching to eradicate those troublesome weeds or bugs is a cost-effective and non-toxic method of removal. It can also be helpful in promoting richer soil, as the charred plant material decomposes, depositing extra nutrients into the ground.

5. Propane irrigation pumps.

Powering your irrigation pump with propane is more economical than gasoline or electric pumps. Plus, propane irrigation pumps hold more fuel and need to be refilled less frequently.

6. Fuel for light and medium-duty vehicles.

Propane can fuel a number of vehicles used on the farm, including commercial mowers, forklifts, construction vehicles.

7. Backup generators.

Your home and other buildings need warm water and power as much as the plants in your greenhouse need heat and light. With a propane backup generator, you can have the peace of mind that your plants and animals will stay warm this winter.

Family-owned Lakes Gas has your farm’s propane needs covered

Propane is more cost-effective than gasoline or diesel fuel, and it’s more reliable than electricity. Propane also has fewer greenhouse gas emissions, making it a better choice for the environment.

Community-focused and family-owned for over 60 years, Lakes Gas can help with all your propane needs. We offer competitive prices for our propane services throughout Michigan, Wisconsin, and the Upper Midwest, and would love to share more about how propane can benefit your farm.