Propane For Your Outdoor Dining Space Heaters

Written on: February 1, 2021

propane outdoor heaters minnesotaWith coronavirus restrictions forcing bars and restaurants throughout the Midwest to seat customers outside in the dead of winter, many businesses are scrambling to secure the propane space heaters they need to keep customers comfortable – and they propane gas they need to keep those space heaters pumping out the Btus.

The good news is that Lake Gas has the propane you need to keep your commercial space heaters fired up and working for your outdoor serving area, whether you need bulk propane delivery for your large outdoor tank or cylinder refills for your smaller, more portable appliances.

Shifts In Propane Use Create Shortages

Propane long has been an essential fuel for many residents of rural communities throughout our region, since the gas is stable for use and storage in the bitter weather we encounter in Minnesota and Wisconsin. But since the pandemic began – and increasingly as we progress through winter – propane use has seen a rapid expansion among restaurants and other urban businesses as they scramble for sources of temporary outdoor heat.

That increase demand has put pressure on smaller propane suppliers in the area, causing localized shortages as they try to ramp up to meet this unexpected demand.

At Lakes Gas, we’re one of the largest propane suppliers in the region, with deep, well-stocked supply chains that keep us ready for any challenge. In short, we have the propane you need – and with our well-maintained fleet is on the road in any weather, we’ll get it to you all winter long.

Need propane gas delivery for temporary propane heating in your outdoor restaurant or bar? We’ve got it! Contact the experts at Lakes Gas today to schedule a propane delivery, or to learn more about the benefits of propane for your business!