The Right Propane Tank for Your Business

Written on: July 17, 2023

Trust Lakes Gas for all your commercial propane needs!

propane for business wisconsin The use of propane is widespread among the different types of businesses in the Upper Midwest, and its applications are varied.

Lakes Gas is a commercial propane company that offers reliable, flexible, and responsive service, which is essential for your business or farm.

Our company provides a range of propane services specifically designed for commercial and agricultural customers. We offer bulk delivery of propane, propane services for construction, propane autogas and other related services.

To customize our propane services for your business or farm, we offer propane tanks that are suitable for your needs. We’ll ensure that you have the appropriate tanks. Let’s discuss the options that are available.

Commercial tank sizes

Portable propane tanks. These tanks are not fixed to one location and can be delivered to your work site or taken to a refill station for refilling. The tanks come in different sizes and have different applications.

20-pound tanks are suitable for use on home grills as well as for commercial purposes such as grills, patio heating, and portable generators.

30- and 40-pound tanks are utilized for commercial grills and temporary heating.

100-pound tanks are for establishments that only have one propane appliance can use these tanks, which are suitable for temporary construction heating and businesses that have an on-site clothes dryer.

Forklift propane cylinders. Businesses and farms can benefit greatly from using propane forklifts due to several reasons. Firstly, downtime caused by the energy running out is almost non-existent when using propane forklifts, as employees can efficiently replace an empty cylinder with a full one in just a few minutes. On the other hand, electric forklifts require up to eight hours to recharge and are not as suitable for outdoor or wet working conditions, while also experiencing decreased power as the battery drains. Secondly, propane forklifts operate at maximum power until the fuel tank is empty. Unlike gasoline or diesel forklifts, they can be utilized both indoors and outdoors.

The most common size for propane forklift cylinders is 33 pounds, although some forklifts use a 44-pound cylinder.

Fixed propane tanks. We provide permanent tanks for your business, which can be installed either aboveground or underground. Lakes Gs can help you choose the appropriate size, and we offer professional tank installation and affordable leasing. The following are the standard tank sizes.

320-gallon tanks are used for supplemental heating and to power appliances such as water heaters, grills, and commercial deep fryers.

500-gallon tanks can be used for various purposes such as heating, water heating, commercial ranges and appliances, and standby generators.

1,000-gallon tanks are suitable for heating larger spaces, such as commercial kitchens in restaurants, catering or event facilities, golf courses, and resorts. It is also useful for small-scale autogas fleet fueling.

2,000-gallon tanks are frequently used in agricultural settings, construction sites, and large industrial facilities that require a significant amount of propane, such as for crop drying.

5,000-gallon tanks are ideal for businesses that fuel a large propane autogas-powered vehicle fleet.

Your local Lakes Gas office is ready to help you with your commercial propane tanks. Contact us today to get started!