Why Isn’t My Propane Tank 100% Full After Delivery?

Written on: January 15, 2024

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propane tank wisconsin If you are unfamiliar with having propane in your home, you might be curious about effectively managing the propane supply in your propane tank.

At Lakes Gas, we are dedicated to providing reliable propane delivery services, including our highly sought-after Automatic Delivery option and wireless propane tank monitoring. Count on us to meet all your propane needs with exceptional quality and professionalism.

Understanding how to accurately measure the propane level in your tank is of utmost importance. This skill involves becoming proficient in interpreting the tank gauge, but there is no need to worry as it is a straightforward process. Determining the amount of propane in your tank can be effortlessly accomplished by following these simple steps.

  1. Find your propane tank and locate the gauge – a circular dial resembling the speedometer in your car.
  2. The dial numbers on the propane tank provide a clear indication of the fill level, presented as a percentage. For instance, if the needle points to 50, it signifies that the tank is 50% full.
  3. To ensure a timely propane refill and prevent shortages or runouts, please contact us for Will-Call propane delivery before your tank level drops below 30%. We will schedule a prompt delivery, giving you peace of mind.

While it may appear straightforward to monitor the propane tank gauge, it’s often overlooked amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy life.

Failing to monitor the level of your propane tank can lead to a plethora of issues. It may leave you in a precarious situation where you unexpectedly run out of propane, resulting in an emergency delivery with additional charges. In the worst-case scenario, your propane supply could be completely depleted. This not only necessitates an emergency propane delivery, but also requires a pressure test on your propane tank and the expertise of a service technician to relight all the pilots of your propane appliances. All of these expenses will fall under your responsibility.

That’s exactly why numerous Lakes Gas customers love our Automatic Delivery service and wireless propane tank monitoring. Say goodbye to the troublesome and overwhelming task of managing your home’s propane supply. Rest assured, we have you completely covered.

Why your propane tank isn’t filled all the way

For astute observers, it may not go unnoticed that propane tanks are never filled to 100%. But what lies behind this practice? The answer lies in prioritizing propane safety, a fundamental consideration that guides this precautionary approach.

Similar to water, propane expands when heated. However, propane expands approximately 17 times more than water for the same temperature increase. To prioritize safety, it is crucial not to fill the propane tank to its maximum capacity. By leaving some empty space inside the tank, propane can safely expand in hot weather while ensuring the tank remains secure.

Aboveground propane tanks are generally filled to approximately 80% capacity, while in-ground tanks can be filled slightly higher. The rationale behind this lies in the insulation provided by the surrounding ground for underground tanks, protecting them from sudden temperature changes. This precautionary measure ensures the longevity and stability of the tanks, guarding them against potential damage.

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