Propane vs. Heating Oil

Written on: March 20, 2023

Which is better for your home?

propane or oilheat wisconsin As you drive around the area of Wisconsin or Minnesota where you live, you are likely seeing propane tanks in more and more of your neighbors’ yards.

That’s because many of them have discovered propane’s superiority over heating oil when it comes to energy efficiency, reliability, and making their homes warm and comfortable. They enjoy that, and more, with dependable propane delivery from Lakes Gas.

How do these two fuels stack up against each other? Let’s take a look.


The average propane furnace is 90% efficient, and some of today’s high-efficiency propane furnaces reach efficiencies as high as 98%! If you have an older oil-fired heating system, on the other hand, it may only be 60% efficient. At that point, 40% of every dollar you’re spending on heating oil is lost in combustion and not going towards heating your home.

Get the most bang for your buck with propane! It offers superior efficiency compared to heating oil and will keep your home more comfortable without breaking the bank. So, upgrade now, and enjoy significant savings in no time at all. Furthermore, propane does not experience a decrease in its efficacy over time. In comparison, heating oil may lose some of its efficiency if it is left unused for lengthy periods.


Heating oil can only do two things: heat your home and heat your water. Propane not only does both those things better, but a whole lot of other things as well!

Propane can also give you the superior cooking of a gas range even if you don’t live in an area served by a natural gas utility. Laundry day is made easier with propane clothes dryers that get your laundry done 25% faster than electric models, and also create less wear and fewer wrinkles. A propane space heater allows you to use and enjoy unheated spaces like a sunporch, garage, workshop, or shed any time of year. Relax in front of a fire in a propane fireplace without having to schlep wood, build a fire, or clean up ashes. Outdoors, propane can power your grill, pool or spa heater, firepit, deck or patio heater, insect trap, and more!


Did you know that a leak in your heating oil tank can lead to expensive remediation costs? A couple in Massachusetts was facing a six-figure bill for cleanup and remediation after their basement oil tank failed because most homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover the heating oil tank.

You don’t have to worry about that with propane, as your propane tank is outdoors.

Propane offers security in another way. A propane whole-house standby generator will keep your home safe and comfortable during power outages. Your food will be safely cold in the refrigerator and freezer, the HVAC and home security systems will be operational, your electronics will be able to be charged, and you’ll be able to use home medical equipment like a CPAP.

Get all the benefits of propane in your home with reliable propane delivery and service from Lakes Gas! Become a customer today.