Propane Vs. Natural Gas Grills

Written on: October 10, 2022

Does grilling with propane beat natural gas?

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Are propane grills really better than natural gas grills? Well, it depends on your grilling priorities! Propane’s low carbon content makes it environmentally friendly and its high efficiency makes it cost-effective. Plus, the food just plain tastes better! If you currently grill using natural gas, read on to learn why making the transition to propane is a sensible option.

Benefits of propane grilling

Propane advantages vs. natural gas

If you’re looking for a fuel option – for your grill or otherwise –that’s free of interruptions, has no pipeline issues, and won’t be easily affected by factors including accidents, weather, and deterioration, look to propane to:

Propane grill cylinder exchange and refill program for businesses

Propane grilling can benefit businesses and residential customers alike. Lakes Gas partners with businesses so they can offer on-site propane cylinder refills. Here’s an overview of how we can help:

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Take your grilling from good to great, with Lakes Gas propane

Let Lakes Gas help you determine the right cylinder or tank for your household or business’s needs by connecting with one of our experts today. If you’re interested in becoming a Lakes Gas customer, we can help you get all set up so you can enjoy service that’s unmatched in the region.