Where Do I Recycle a Grill Tank?

Written on: March 18, 2024

Lakes Gas makes having and returning grill tanks easy

grill tank minnesota Barbecues are a beloved summer pastime, but they often leave behind a less festive task: handling the tank from your gas grill.

Lakes Gas offers grill tank exchange and refill services at many of our offices in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan, along with several retail locations in our service area.

When you use our tank exchange service, your empty tank will be inspected and, if no longer certified or safe to use, will be disposed of safely for future recycling.

Disposing of a used grill tank properly is crucial for both safety as well as environmental concerns. We will cover everything you need to know about recycling grill tanks, including why it’s vital, where to do it, how to prepare the tank, the actual recycling process, and additional disposal tips. Whether you’re a seasoned grill enthusiast or a homeowner new to the summer cookout scene, understanding the process of recycling your grill tank is essential.

The importance of safe grill tank disposal

Propane tanks are pressurized vessels designed to safely store liquid propane, a flammable gas that demands respect when being handled. When we fail to recognize the importance of recycling these tanks, we put human lives and the environment at risk.

Improperly disposed propane tanks can be a danger to refuse collectors, highly flammable waste loads, and can also lead to hazardous gas leaks if crushed or punctured in a landfill. These leaks can cause fires or explosions and contaminate soil, air, and water if the gas disperses into the environment.

Recycling grill tanks acknowledges both the power of this confined energy source and the benefits of converting it responsibly into reusable forms. This leads to a safer, cleaner environment and encourages conservation, reducing the depletion of natural resources.

Find a recycling center

Start by checking with local municipal recycling centers or private waste management companies. Many centers now accept grill tanks for recycling but may have limitations on quantities and require specific preparation.

Some municipalities host household hazardous waste events where residents can drop off items like grill tanks for proper recycling or disposal. These events are often advertised on city websites or local news outlets, and participation is typically free or for a nominal fee.

Don’t let distance discourage you. If the nearest center is farther than you’d like, note that recycling only needs to happen once per tank, and you may be able to combine the trip with other errands to make the most of the journey.

If you can’t recycle your grill tank, some municipalities may offer to pick up large or hazardous items for a fee. Another option is to contact your local fire department for disposal recommendations.

Inquire with local waste management companies or environmental agencies about safe disposal sites for grill tanks. While not all locations may accept them, proper channels for safe disposal can often be found at hazardous waste collection facilities.

Lakes Gas has many grill tank exchange stations in the Upper Midwest so you can be assured that you’ll always have propane for grilling.