Home Sweet Home

You might not think of it this way, but your home is an important member of your family. It provides you with protection, security and comfort, but it also has needs of its own. So, if your home runs on propane, you should have a reliable way of making sure that it has the fuel it needs to function properly.

Here are some uses for propane in your home:

  • Heating your home: furnace, boiler, space heater, fireplace.
  • Meal preparation: stove, grill.
  • Outdoor: lawn mower, heating the pool, lighting.
  • Miscellaneous: generator, water heater.

Lakes Gas offers propane services to residential customers throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and South Dakota. Our flexible buying programs allow us to deliver affordable energy to your home or business.

From outstanding customer service to convenient delivery services, you can count on Lakes Gas for the best, most cost-effective energy service. 

Contact us today to become part of the Lakes Gas family.



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