Propane Delivery

Turn to Lakes Gas for propane delivery to your Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota or South Dakota home

propane deliveryLakes Gas offers propane delivery without the worry and without the hassle. We know that customers are often concerned about a run-out. The best way to avoid a run-out is with automatic propane delivery. It’s the option that helps us help you!

Automatic Propane Delivery
If you’re looking for a delivery option that leaves you with nothing to worry about, automatic delivery is for you. With automatic delivery, you won’t have to keep an eye on your tank—you can leave that to us. Here’s how this FREE service works: We keep up with your propane consumption using heating degree days. (A heating degree day is the demand for energy to heat your home each day. This is established by the average of the day’s temperatures—high and low.) Once our system sees that you’re running low, we’ll schedule a delivery. It’s that easy and there’s no work for you! The chance of a run-out becomes virtually nonexistent when you have automatic delivery.

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Skipping a delivery: When you’re on automatic delivery, you can also skip a delivery if you need to. Just call us to let us know that we shouldn’t deliver next time around and then we can work out when you’d like your next delivery to take place.

Will-Call Propane Delivery
This option includes a bit more work on your end. With will-call delivery, it’s up to you to watch your tank. When the gauge reads 30%, you let us know that become a customeryou need to schedule a delivery. We’ll be there within five days.

If it turns out that you need your delivery to take place in fewer than five days, you can place a short-notice order, but keep in mind that additional delivery charges may apply to short-notice, after-hours or weekend deliveries. The best way to avoid this is to sign up for automatic delivery.

Skipping a delivery: As a will-call customer, you don’t have to let us know when to skip a delivery. Instead, just let us know next time you’re ready for a propane delivery—but don’t forget to leave a five-day window.

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