Save Big with Our Pre-Buy Program

Written on: July 4, 2022

Pre-Buy with a Locked-In Price

propane costs minnesotaWith so much going on in the world right now, a lot of things are unpredictable. We don’t want your propane costs to fall into that category – and we know you don’t want that, either. That’s why we offer some pricing and payment options that can help you protect your worthwhile investment in propane, and make sure you always know what to expect when it comes to propane costs. Read on to learn more about our Pre-Buy program and how it can help you stretch your fuel dollars.

How does Pre-Buy keep prices down?

When propane prices rise, you can save significantly if you’re all set up as a Pre-Buy customer. Lakes Gas has 48 fully-staffed locations in the Upper Midwest and typically, our Pre-Buy Program begins in July, so that’s when you’ll want to be on the lookout for details to sign up. At that time, we can recommend the number of gallons you will need for next heating season, based on your past usage, as well as anticipated weather and other factors.

Existing Pre-Buy customers

If you are familiar with Pre-Buy or have utilized it before, you know the best way to enroll is through your online account. This ensures you will get the best price! If you aren’t able to enroll online, and you did Pre-Buy last year, you will receive a new contract in the mail.

New Pre-Buy users

If you are new to the Pre-Buy program and want to enroll this year, contact us, and we will mail your contract. You may also be eligible to enroll online. Our energy experts are looking forward to speaking with you and are available to answer any questions you may have.

Pre-buy program FAQs

Q: Do any potential market price drops affect my pre-buy propane purchase?
A: Once you have already contracted for your propane, it’s not possible to give you a lower price, since we have already purchased the fuel for you. Our Pre-Buy program does, however, protect you from any cost increases due to heavier demand during the winter

Q: What if don’t end up using all of the fuel I pre-buy?
A: At the end of the season, any undelivered fuel can be credited to your account.

Q: What happens if I end up needing more fuel than I pre-bought?
A: Once your supply of pre-purchased fuel is used up, any additional fuel deliveries will be charged at the competitive market rate. While our goal is always to be as affordable as possible, this is one reason why it is so important to work with your energy expert to estimate just how much fuel you may need, relying on your past usage data, among other factors.

Q: Can I enroll in the Pre-Buy program online?
A: Yes, we recommend enrolling through our website! Our site is always evolving to become more user-friendly. In fact, recent technical improvements to the My Account section of our website incorporate customer feedback, so that your user experience meets and exceeds your expectations. Of course, you can also contact us directly and one of our energy experts will be happy to walk you through the process.

Our Pre-Buy program is just one way we work to keep your propane affordable for families and businesses like yours. You can purchase your entire supply of propane for the winter all at once and get a locked-in rate that protects you from any increases in propane prices. We’ll recommend the number of gallons you will need for the next heating season, so you can be prepared – no surprises. Contact us to learn about what else Lakes Gas can do for you or to become a customer.