Say Goodbye to Battling Electric Water Heaters for Good

Written on: November 15, 2021

5 Benefits of Propane Water Heaters

water heater conversion minnesotaSome of the benefits of using a propane water heater are more obvious than others – no more arguing about who gets to shower first! But, other benefits of a propane water heater may include perks you have never thought about, such as saving floor space in your basement, furnace room, or wherever your water heater is kept in your Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota or South Dakota home or business.

Warmer water, longer and for less money.

Propane water heaters can save you money, without having to sacrifice your favorite hot showers! Because propane water heaters are more energy efficient than other models, there is less wear and tear on the appliance, so they tend to last longer – saving you repair and maintenance costs. Water heaters that use propane can also heat your water faster, using less energy – and thus costing less.

Smaller footprint.

Electric water heaters take up more valuable real estate in your home, because they require larger tanks. Because propane water heaters are more efficient, they don’t need to store as much water. In fact, you can cut your tank size by up to half when you switch to a propane water heater.

No tank on the water heater at all? Is that even a thing?

Propane water heaters also have the option of going completely tankless, which means an endless supply of hot water at your fingertips, no storage required. An experienced energy expert can go over all the options with you.

A greener footprint.

Propane has very low emissions compared with other energy sources. Combine that with the environmental benefits of a more energy-efficient appliance, and you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. While many people think that electric appliances may be greener because electricity itself does not emit pollutants into the air, people forget to take into account the harmful greenhouse gases released by the electricity plant. With propane, you can have peace of mind, knowing that you’re making a difference for the environment, right in your own home.

Better indoor air quality.

A propane water heater emits less carbon dioxide Compared to other models, and can improve the quality of your indoor air in your home, in addition to benefiting the environment.

Lakes Gas makes the switch to a propane water heater easy

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