Should I Store My Grill Tank Full or Empty?

Written on: October 16, 2023

Always have a full tank with propane cylinder refill and exchange from Lakes Gas!

grill tank wisconsin Fall is here, and many folks here in the Upper Midwest are resigned to giving up grilling until next spring.

But when you have a propane grill, you can easily grill all year-round! That is, if you have a full propane grill tank. Lakes Gas makes that easy with our grill tank refill and exchange services, located at stores and gas stations all over our service area.

Regardless of whether the propane tank is full or empty, proper storage procedures must be followed, which we’ll get into below. Ensure that all valves are closed and store the tank in a suitable environment. Apart from these considerations, there is no need to be concerned about filling or emptying the tanks before storing them.

However, there are some advantages to having a full grill tank this time of year. It can be used not only for grilling, but to power a portable propane generator.
You don’t have to worry about the propane going bad over the winter. That’s because propane, unlike gasoline, doesn’t deteriorate after a few months. By filling your grill tank now, you ensure that it will be ready to use not only in the present but also next spring. Don’t find yourself in a situation where you crave grilling but lack a full tank.

How to store your grill tank

Here are some essential guidelines for properly storing your propane grill tank during the winter season.

Turn the tank off: If you intend to leave your grill outdoors during the winter, it is perfectly safe to keep the grill tank connected. Just remember to ensure that the supply valve is turned off.

Check for leaks: Prior to storing your tank, it is vital to conduct a meticulous inspection to verify the absence of any leaks. Thoroughly scrutinize the valves, tank itself, and the connector hose. It is highly recommended to perform this inspection outdoors, in an area that is well-lit and well-ventilated. Additionally, maintain a safe distance from any open flames or potential ignition sources.

Keep the tank outdoors: If you are putting your grill away for the winter in an indoor space, the tank must be kept outdoors as it is not safe to store grill tanks indoors or in an enclosed area like a sunporch or carport.

Protect the tank from the elements: To prevent snow and ice buildup on your propane tank, it is advisable to use a plastic tarp as a protective cover. Although cold temperatures do not pose a threat to the tank itself, moisture accumulation can lead to rust formation, potentially damaging the tank. By implementing this simple precautionary measure, you can effectively safeguard your propane tank from potential damage. Additionally, ensure that the tank is kept upright and placed on a level surface to prevent leaks. Avoid placing the tank directly on the ground, as this can also cause rust to form on the bottom. Instead, opt for a paved or gravel surface, or consider using a raised wood pallet.

With grill tank refill and exchange stations, you can always have a full grill tank! Find the one nearest you.