Can You Use Propane to Fuel Your Vehicle? You Bet!

Written on: February 21, 2022

Propane autogas can help you save big

autogas minnesotaIf you haven’t heard of propane autogas, you’ll want to read up on this cost-saving, eco-friendly fuel option. Whether you are looking for dependable propane autogas service for your commercial or industrial fleet, or just want to save with propane on fuel costs, Lakes Gas can recommend the most efficient autogas solution to suit your unique needs.

What is autogas, exactly?

Propane autogas is just liquid petroleum gas that is used in vehicles, from on-road vehicles to forklifts, construction and landscaping vehicles. Automotive propane, or autogas, is the third most popular automotive fuel around the globe, after gasoline and diesel fuel.

Propane autogas is energy-efficient and eco-friendly

While vehicles using autogas may require larger amounts of propane than gasoline, it’s still far more cost-efficient, since:

Propane autogas is eco-friendly

How does switching to propane autogas work?

We’ll set up a filling station – which is very similar to using a gasoline pump –according to your needs. And if your needs change, we’ll adapt to make propane autogas continue to work for you and your fleet. There are also autogas stations all around the country, so you can fill-up while on the road, just like you would in a standard gasoline-powered vehicle.

A wide range of autogas users

Lakes Gas provides dependable propane autogas for educational, commercial and industrial users throughout the region. Here’s an overview of the many types of autogas users:

Putting propane autogas to work for you, your budget, and the environment

Let us know if you need details about federal and state autogas incentives, tax credits, and other ways you can save when your Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota fleet uses propane autogas.

Contact Lakes Gas today to learn more about how we can help your business get the most out of propane autogas!