Why You Need a Propane Tank Monitor

Written on: February 14, 2022

I’ve never run out of propane, so why would I need a tank monitor?

tank monitor installation wisconsinNobody plans to run out of propane, the same way nobody plans to run out of gas in their car. It’s inconvenient, expensive, and kind of embarrassing – though, we’d never judge. These things just happen sometimes, despite best intentions!

A propane tank monitor can make worries about runouts a thing of the past, but there are also other great ways a propane tank monitor can help your Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota or South Dakota household. Read on to learn more.

Never run out of propane? Don’t start now!

If you’ve never had a run-out before, don’t start now! And if you have experienced the inconvenience and expense of a run-out, you know it’s something worth avoiding in the future.

When you opt for automatic propane delivery, a wireless tank monitor makes it easy for us to know if your usage is up or down from your usual patterns. This tells us when you’re ready for your next propane delivery, and keeps you from ever having to worry about a run-out.

Tank Utility wireless tank monitors can be installed on aboveground propane tanks or belowground propane tanks. They are ideal for most standard residential tanks.

Here’s how it works:

Save money on fuel costs with a tank monitor

Because the tank monitor is able to identify your household’s propane usage patterns, you’ll only pay for the amount of propane you need. Being aware of your fuel usage makes a big difference when it comes to:

You can count on Lakes Gas for trustworthy tank monitoring

Count on Lakes Gas to make sure you always have the propane you need, without ever overpaying for surplus fuel. Want to learn more about tank monitors or how Lakes Gas can help you figure out your household’s propane needs? Contact us today!