Why Propane?

Lakes Gas is the propane company you can count on in Minnesota, Wisconsin and parts of Michigan and South Dakota

why propaneIf you’re looking for an efficient, clean fuel for heating your home or business, look no further than propane. And look no further than Lakes Gas.

You may hear people call propane a “green” energy—this is because it cuts emissions, which helps protect the environment. Propane’s energy efficiency means that propane-powered appliances cost less to run than their electric counterparts.

About 90% of the domestic propane supply is generated in the United States, and most of that is from natural gas processing.

With 48 locations, Lakes Gas is positioned to be of service to you no matter where you are. We understand the propane needs of businesses and homes alike, and we offer customer support and technical service that is unmatched in professionalism and friendliness.

We offer a range of propane services and options designed to give you the flexibility you need to run your household or business smoothly. Here’s a brief overview of all you can do as a Lakes Gas customer:

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  • Avoid run-outs and don’t give your tank a second thought when you’re signed up for automatic delivery.
  • Get the highest level of skill and professionalism when you need a tune-up or have a propane tank installed by one of our experienced technicians.
  • Enjoy the benefits of propane, from the ways you can use it in your outdoor space to its off-the-grid capabilities.
  • Choose from several payment programs that work with many types of budgets and payment styles.
  • Support a company that cares about the value of community and making a difference in the world.
  • Learn about the best propane safety tips and protocols so you can keep your family and home safe.

Find out more about why to choose propane from Lakes Gas. Contact us today!