Propane vs. Other Fuels

See what happens when you compare propane to electricity, natural gas, geothermal heating and heating oil

propane vs other fuelsIf your home is currently powered by electricity or natural gas, read on to learn why making the transition to propane is a sensible option. Its low carbon content makes it environmentally friendly and its high efficiency makes it cost-effective.

Propane vs. Electricity
This comes as a surprise to many people, but homes that are run on electricity are actually less energy efficient than those running on propane. And when a power outage comes along, people who rely on electricity may be stuck for hours, days or…weeks! With propane, this is simply not a risk.

Running a propane water heater is about 30% less expensive than running its electric counterpart. And the savings don’t stop there! In fact, a propane tankless water heater costs a whopping 80% less to run than an electric water heater. They also provide a virtually endless supply of hot water—whenever you want it.

Propane vs. Natural Gas
If you’re looking for a fuel option that’s free of interruptions, has no pipeline issues and won’t be easily affected by factors including accidents, weather and deterioration, look to propane. Transporting and storing propane presents homeowners with a clear edge over natural gas as the supply and related repairs are not reliant on an off-site supply.

Propane vs electricity

become a customerPropane delivery is also more reliable as it does not have geographical requirements, which natural gas pipelines do. You can keep your tank on your own property and, depending on your needs, you can even set up a backup propane home generator.

Propane vs. Geothermal Heating
When we hear “geothermal,” most of us automatically think “green.” And yes, geothermal heating, which draws heat from underground, is very inexpensive in terms of your energy costs, the upfront installation costs are far higher—and more complex—than equipment installations for propane.

Geothermal heating maxes out at a lower temperature than propane, and it can take up to 36 years for customers to recuperate their investment.

Propane vs. Heating Oil
Running 20% to 30% more efficiently than its heating oil counterpart, propane is simply more versatile than heating oil. Portable and easily accessible, it can even be stored on the homeowner’s property, which is not the case for heating oil.

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