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Propane Pricing Options
Lakes Gas offers a range of propane payment programs, so customers in Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and South Dakota can decide what works best for them. The two most popular programs are the Pre-Buy program and the Budget program.

Pre-buy Program
You can purchase your entire supply of propane for the winter all at once and get a locked-in rate that protects you from any increases in propane prices.

  • We’ll recommend the number of gallons you will need for the next heating season.
  • Enrollment for 2024 will open in July!

3 Year Price Protection
Have the roller coaster prices for everything from groceries to gasoline been rough on your budget lately? Lakes Gas can help you have stable propane costs for the long-term with our 3 Year Price Protection Program!

You’re free from the worries about propane price spikes as your propane price per gallon is locked in for three years! We carefully calculate your annual propane usage and spread your propane costs over 36 monthly installments. All this makes it easy to manage your propane costs.

Our 3-Year Price Protection Program also includes:

  • Enrollment in AutoFill and AutoPay
  • A wireless propane tank monitor for peace of mind about your propane supply

Easy Pay with Price Cap

Manage your propane costs with Easy Pay, formerly known as our Budget Program. Easy Pay with Price Cap will save you money if propane prices go up this winter.

Here’s how your Easy Pay with Price Cap payments are calculated:

  • Divides your estimated propane costs into 12 monthly installments, avoiding high bills during the months you receive deliveries.
  • Caps your price to protect you from increases in market prices. Your monthly payment will be adjusted every 6 months based on usage.

To review the full details of any of our payment programs, please contact us. One of our expert sales representatives will be happy to assist you.

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