Payment Programs

Let Lakes Gas help you choose a payment program that works for your budget

payment programs

Propane Pricing Options
Lakes Gas offers a range of propane payment programs, so customers in Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and South Dakota can decide what works best for them. The two most popular programs are the Pre-Buy program and the Budget program.

Prebuy Program
You can purchase your entire supply of propane for the winter all at once and get a locked-in rate that protects you from any increases in propane prices

  • We’ll recommend the number of gallons you will need for the next heating season.
  • Enrollment begins over the summer.

Budget Program
The Budget Program is another popular option. The budget propane price is the current discounted retail market price at the time of delivery. It is subject to move up or down with the market. We put a cap-not-to-exceed price in effect for upside protection on the market, for no extra charge.

Here’s how your budget is calculated:

  • Your budget is calculated at 10 cents under cap price.
  • The budget is divided into 11 payment periods, due the 10th of each month, beginning in July, and designed to have a zero balance at the end of the agreement. Budgets currently run from July 1 through May 30. New customers may enter the program mid-year.
  • If Lakes Gas reviews a budget account and determines the monthly payment is not enough or too much for the gas usage, the company will, at its discretion, adjust the budget amount accordingly. If a budget customer fails to make monthly payments, Lakes Gas reserves the right to terminate the budget plan.
  • Any remaining credits at the end of the year can be rolled over into next year’s agreement or refunded to the customer.

To review the full details of any of our payment programs, please contact us. One of our expert sales representatives will be happy to assist you.